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Rats and plumbing

Rats are well known for being able to infiltrate even the most seemingly secure of properties, no matter how small or hard to access any point of entry may be.

Their high levels of intelligence, plus their incredibly flexible anatomy in combination result in a pest problem that is as difficult to find the source of as it is to remove from your home.

What's more, rats left to roam properties often die within them, leading to secondary infestations of pests like flesh flies.

For those reasons alone, it makes sense to contact a skilled pest removal expert who can quickly find the source of infestation and put a stop to it.

Rats commonly use plumbing to move around, so it makes sense to hire someone who understands what kind of access this will grant them. To that end, our specialists are skilled in water jetting and other plumbing services, ensuring that any rat infestation your plumbing or drains may have will be removed quickly and effectively.

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