Pitch fibre pipe surveys and repairs

Do you have pitch fibre pipes in your property? Contact Oakwood Drainage Services. We specialise in conducting pitch fibre pipe surveys to identify if there are any issues with your piping system.

Pitch fibre piping; replacements, repairs and more.

We appreciate that it's often the hidden things in life that can be the greatest sources of concern. Many household utility issues are easy to indentify, but when piping develops issues, it can be extremely difficult to isolate the source and cause.

Don't let any concerns about piping systems go unaddressed; it's typically most cost-effective to resolve issues as soon as they appear, and doubly so when damage could be occurring in your walls or under your floors. Whether you are based in Reading, Newbury, Henley on Thames or any surrounding area, we are happy to help.
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Why choose Oakwood Landscaping & Groundwork for pitch fibre piping replacement and repairs?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Skilled in the repair and replacement of pitch fibre pipes
  • Free quotations and advice
  • Competitive prices
Are you looking for pitch fibre piping replacement or repairs in Newbury, Reading or Henley on Thames? Contact Oakwood Landscaping & Groundwork on
01865 865 562 or
07702 012 266
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